About The Thirsty Giraffe

The Thirsty Giraffe started as a joke a couple of years ago when a certain stuffed animal was posed with a photo of a craft beer. The response from that photo was so positive, it was decided he should be the mascot for our craft beer adventures and a Twitter page was born! Late 2014, we started the Facebook page and as of July 2015, we now have a blog!

The goal is to keep you informed and, more importantly, entertained about craft beer and anything else we find relevant through this Giraffe’s eyes. We have a lot to learn and will use this blog as a way to share those learnings along with hopefully introducing you to really good beer! We are also runners, because you gotta do something to counteract all that beer, so you will occasionally see posts about that too.

Are we craft beer experts? No. Do we know what we’re talking about? Sometimes. We enjoy craft beer for the art of the craft, the social community of craft beer drinkers and the opportunity to support local businesses.





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